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a regular pattern a regular pattern - cassette

a regular pattern a regular pattern - cassette

This is the debut album from Copper Sounds: the result of two years experimentation into rhythms and collisions. What you are hearing is wheels moving at different speeds, and the audio playback of physical objects - finding, reading and moulding multiple points of contact. This record was recorded in Bristol at a Loft, a Crypt and a Skittle Alley. 

”Sounds better than your washing machine” Howard Jacques (Bermuda Triangle) 

Copper Sounds is an experimental record manufacturer, who focus on those small questions of what sound is, how it can be re/produced and how it can be stored. Their expansive live sets involve copper records, homemade reverb plates, ceramic sculptures and stone. Using springs and microphones they extract and manipulate the native and otherwise dormant sounds of these objects into a dissonant cacophony. Primitive and tactile turntablism. 

“Like Larry Levan meets Fred Flintsone, in space” Jacob Amos


Limited edition of 50

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