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copper sounds live

Copper Sounds are an artist duo who use traditional and contemporary processes to explore the physical and visual nature of sound. They see sound as a malleable material and have a unique way of working with and manipulating sound, through designing and making sonic objects which they play live.

​Their process is about experimentation and the unknown, trying things out and always thinking directly about how the object and the sound affect one another. The objects they make tell the story of their process and act as markers of their journey through sound. Due to the diverse nature of their practice, the presentation of their work takes many different forms. ​

In 2018 they toured the UK with the Outlands Network and have performed at high profile venues such as Bexhill Pavilion, Arnolfini, MK Gallery & the Royal Academy. They have been reviewed by International Orange, Freq Magazine, The Quietus and 24/7 and their music has been released on labels including TBC Editions, Fractal Meat Cuts, Avon Terror Corps and Slack Alice.

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