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more rock music

More Rock Music was commissioned for the Fort Process festival, Newhaven.


​​This piece was the culmination of a self directed residency at Shell Cottage, Newhaven. During our residency we collected rocks and various other materials to help us investigate how a location's history is recorded within the environment. During Fort Process we played these objects on a custom-made 'triple turntable' which enabled us to unlock and reveal audible narratives hidden within these objects - rhythms that are held within these records of time.

"The undulating mechanism murmured like an arthritic after-shadow in the PA as the calcium rub of the stoney surfaces was effect-fed, bent across grainy percussives in a parade of pendulum-painting pennies that spun, cul de sac(ed), then ruptured to spectre new-found freedoms. The people surrounding were bathed in red, staring down into the blinking ellipticals, locked into its bayoneting rhythmics as the clean sound of rubbing rock was warped into rodent-infested tinfoil and beyond, until one of the boulders spookily flung itself off and things ground to an abrupt halt." - Freq

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