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art ichol residency

In January 2024 we went to India to present Sequenced Ceramics at Common Ground, the Indian Ceramics Triennale's second edition in New Delhi. While there, we took part in a 10-day residency at Art Ichol, with Ghatam artist Sumana Chandrashekhar and Ghatam makers Ramesh Kesavan and Hariharan Kanagumeyyappan. We collaborated to create new work and to learn about each other’s music and ceramic practices.

Together we explored the location and cultural history of Maihar, a location famous for its history in classical Indian music - meeting local musicians, potters, ceramic artists, poets and ecologists / preservationist, who are all supporting and nurturing the local culture and area. Influences gathered from these meetings and lived experiences have inscribed themselves onto the various dimensions of the artwork that were created over the course of the residency

During the project we used local materials and engaged with local languages to create ceramic artefacts and audio recordings that bridged both conventional and experimental forms and approaches. The residency blurred the lines between the maker and the musician, the visual and the auditory, the functional and the poetic - creating a new common ground, from which each of our practices have been broken, reshaped and reignited.

This project is part of the International Exchange Programme in partnership with the British Ceramics Biennial and the Indian Ceramics Triennale. Residency curated and facilitated by the Indian Ceramics Triennale and made possible through funding from Arts Council England, British Council, British Ceramics Biennial and Henry Moore Foundation.

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