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sequenced ceramics

While developing Sequenced Ceramics, we were initially inspired by traditional and highly sculptural clay instruments such as the Udu and the Ghatam. We then experimented with different clays, forms and scales; allowing us to understand the specific acoustic and resonant properties of ceramics. Through this process we began to think about sound as a malleable material which you can manipulate through various sculpting and making processes.


The final sculptures showcase a range of traditional ceramic making techniques, forms and are made with both visual and sonic aesthetics in mind. These sculptures are presented together as an intimate installation and are activated by mechanical beaters, resulting in immersive and hypnotic sonic patterns, which invite the viewer to contemplate this relationship between form and sound. The installation is also performed live at specific times, during which we programme the sequencer with more complex patterns and further manipulate the sounds with additional effects. 


This installation has been shown at Bristol New Music, The Indian Ceramics Triennial 2024 and as part of ‘Award’ the headline exhibition of the British Ceramics Biennale, 2023. 


An album of Sequenced Ceramics is coming out on 13th June via tbc editions.


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