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rock record w/ Shirley Pena

This was a collaboration with fellow rock enthusiast Shirley Pegna.  Shirley had been studying and recording the sounds of earthquakes and she was looking for a way to turn these recordings into a physical outcome, so we came up with the idea of a 'rock record'.

With the help of Dr Ophelia George the sounds were originally recorded with a seismometer, which picked up the tremors of Earthquakes from around the globe - Indonesia (7,595 mile distance) Greece (1,765 miles distance) and Fiji (9,959 miles distance). The tremors travel underground and are picked up through the stone of the Wills Tower at the University of Bristol. Other sound sources include electrical currents and naturally occurring sferics picked up by radio receiver and plucked from the ionosphere 30 miles above the north coast of Svalbard, Norway.

We mixed the recordings together and then got them cut onto a dub-plate at Dub Studio in Bristol. We then made a silicone mould of the dub-plate and poured resin into the silicone mould. Before pouring the resin we mixed it with particular rock types which corresponded to the locations to where the earthquakes happened - giving us a 'rock record'.

This record formed the center piece of 'Earth Din' an installation in which the record was played through a triple sub sound system. Shirley also invited leading UK contemporary musicians, Welsh violinist Angharad Davies and improvisor-composer Dominic Lash, to play along to the record, to create a planetary soundscape.

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