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During our expanded dj sets we juggle four turntables to extract and manipulate the native and otherwise dormant sounds of our eclectic record collection (rocks, copper plates, fossils, ceramics, etc). These rhythms and collisions are then driven and propelled into hefty homemade FX and reverb units. The imposing and hypnotic physical set-up sculpts a dark and fractious dancefloor energy, which culminates in a prehistoric and tectonic assault.

In February 2019 we took our primitive and tactile turntablism on the road, supporting Beatrice Dillion and Keith Harrison as part of the Outlands tour. This tour took us around the UK playing 9 shows in 9 days at a mix of established art institutions and grass roots artist led spaces.

“Like Larry Levan meets Fred Flintsone, in space” Jacob Amos

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